The National Psoriasis Foundation is committed to bringing awareness to the barriers patients and providers face when it comes to treating psoriatic disease in particular, and chronic disease in general.  This happens on the local, state and federal levels.  Advocacy can be very immersive through visiting with legislators in the state or federal offices or in district, or can be as simple as sending notices  to legislators through the Voter Voice ap.  

Pennsylvania State Advocacy Day 2019

Federal Advocacy

Every year, the National Psoriasis Foundation hosts a Capitol Hill Day, where advocates get the opportunity to speak to our legislators in Congress about what it's like to live with psoriatic disease, and what they can do for us as constituents to help fund research and care for those who suffer with chronic illness.  This year we asked for funding to research the relationship of psoriasis and comorbidities like psoriatic arthritis through the CDC.  We also asked legislators to sign on to House Bill 2279, the Safe Step Act, to put common sense protections in place for chronic disease patients who experience Step Therapy (Fail Fist) practices.  This amazing opportunity is so important  to raise roadblocks that patients and providers experience when dealing with treatment and insurance companies barriers.  It is a way for us to make real change for all patients.  I'm happy to report that my congressman, Conor Lamb of Pennsylvania's 17th District has signed on as a co-sponsor of the Safe Step Act .

Capitol Hill Day 2019

Capitol Hill 2018

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