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Lather, Rinse, Repeat

Hello everyone - my name is Carol Selby, and it's my pleasure to be today's "guest blogger". It's wonderful to be connected with others who live with Psoriatic Disease!

Last year I had a brief chat with an immunobiology researcher. I sort of stuck my foot out and tripped him - well, not really, but he was attending the National Psoriasis Foundation's Research Symposium that ran concurrently with the NPF Volunteer Conference.

At that time my fourth biologic therapy was failing. The researcher asked which one it was. His eyes grew wide. "You mean you're failing Drug XYZ?!?" He was genuinely surprised that I was failing one of the "latest and greatest" therapies.

Now, I've failed many things. It all started with Jr. High phys ed class...but I digress.

All four of my biologics had worked wonderfully at first. But each of them eventually failed due to immunogenicity - my body had made antibodies that immobilized the meds. (If only my immune system would immobilize the common cold.)

There are lots of scholarly articles about this on the web. Their abstracts promise data on which biologics remain effective the longest, whether men or women tend to produce more antibodies to these meds, and so on. But the articles I found were several years old, and I would need to pay to read the articles in their entireties. So I remain less informed than I'd like to be about immunogenicity.

I'm now on my fifth biologic med. You know the drill: get a new med, get better, get worse, file an insurance appeal, start all over. Rinse, lather, repeat.

I really hope the researchers can solve this problem.

Meanwhile, when it's time for my doc to recommend Biologic Number Six, I'll be asking plenty of questions about which biologics are the most impacted by antibodies. Care to join me?

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