Excited group of friends in car

These organizations, pages and blogs below are filled with information that will definitely be helpful to you in your journey.  Check back for more sites soon!

  1. National Psoriasis Foundation: psoriasis.org

  2. Clara Health: clarahealth.com/

  3. Pretty Flakey Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/Pretty-Flakey-551073645235035/

  4. Overcoming Psoriasis:  https://overcomingpsoriasis.com/

  5. A Wild And Flaky Guy: www.awildandflakyguy.com/

  6. The Disabled Diva:  www.thedisableddiva.com/

  7. Being Me In My Own Skin:  www.beingmeinmyownskin.com/

  8. City Girl Flare:  www.citygirlflare.com/

  9. Just A Girl With Spots:  https://justagirlwithspots.com/

  10. Spoonrest Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/spoonrest/

  11. Refugee Kitchen: www.refugeekitchen.com/

Visit the following sites for some Spoonie Love!